Monthly Archives : May 2015

Maintenance Panel

The Dandelion has a small panel on the front under a flip-down cover for performing maintenance and diagnostics on the system. There’s a dedicated PCB behind it that provides some diagnostic output via 7-segment displays, pushbutton inputs to control the boot process, and some RTC clocking circuits. This seemed like a good place to start… Continue Reading →

Rust Removal

Since the Dandelion was sitting in a garage for years before I got it, there’s a lot of rust on many of the parts. As we moved it into its new home, rust was falling off of the bottom fan cover all over the place, so the first priority was taking care of that to… Continue Reading →

The Project Begins

About a decade ago I got a Xerox Star 8010 (Dandelion) from a friend of a friend. It had been stored in a garage and was all rusty, and had previously had mice living inside it who used the insulation from various wiring harnesses to make a nest. I’d been storing it with the eventual… Continue Reading →