The Project Begins

About a decade ago I got a Xerox Star 8010 (Dandelion) from a friend of a friend. It had been stored in a garage and was all rusty, and had previously had mice living inside it who used the insulation from various wiring harnesses to make a nest. I’d been storing it with the eventual plan to restore it to working condition, but didn’t have the space or tools to do it at home.

HackLab.TO moved into a new larger space in late 2014, meaning I finally had a place to keep the machine while working on it, as well as a space full of all the tools I’d need to restore it. Today I had some time and a ride to the lab (thanks Daria for the ride and Jeff for helping us get it up the stairs!), so the Star came to the lab to start getting restored.

Dandelion in its new home

Dandelion in its new home

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  1. John Sellens says:

    Ambitious project, but in the end, you’ll have a state of the art workstation! Perhaps not current state of the art, but state of the art nonetheless!

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