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Wiring Harness Inspection

The next logical step in getting the machine up seemed to be going through the wiring harnesses, so I spent some time stripping them all completely out of the machine (and taking pictures each step of the way so I’ll hopefully remember how to put them back). Pulling everything out also means the chassis itself… Continue Reading →

PSU Reversing Part 1

I’m waiting on a variac I’m borrowing from another lab member before I can start bringing up the PSU, so I started reverse engineering the linear board of the power supply into a schematic this evening. This is partly to help with any required troubleshooting, and partly (mostly) since I want to understand how it… Continue Reading →

Beeping Out the PSU

Got more or less all the pins on all the connectors traced on the linear board of the power supply this evening! There are convenient test points on the front of the unit for all the voltage rails, which made tracing which pin on which connector much easier than it might have otherwise been. A… Continue Reading →